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The Sober She Devils is an international secular online women’s meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This is a closed meeting of AA, welcoming any woman who has a desire to stop drinking.

All are Welcome

We recognize that not everyone believes in god or even a higher power; we want to create a safe place for women to express themselves regardless of their world views, beliefs, religion, spiritual experience or rejection of them.

Our Online Meetings

Sober She Devil meetings are for those who identify as WOMEN ONLY

If you have any questions about our group or meetings, you can contact any of the hosts/co-hosts via the chat box during the Zoom meeting or wait until the end of the meeting when we stay on the line for informal discussion. We can take your questions then and/or share contact information.


Meeting ID: 657-402-688 | Password: 2024XX

*This meeting closes 5 min. after top of the hour.

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Meeting ID: 306-156-306 | Password: 2024XX

*This meeting closes 5 min. after top of the hour.

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If you are not sure you are an alcoholic or not sure you want to stop drinking, please refer to the online secular beginner’s meetings listed below or locate an “open” meeting in your local AA directory. This meeting is designated “closed” in order to keep it safe for women who know they desire sobriety and who need to feel confident that the others in the group desire the same.

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More Info

Click on any of the topics below for more detailed info related to our group as well as additional secular sobriety resources.


Click Here for a link to a Google Sheets document listing recommendations from Sober She-Devils members of books, podcasts, secular recovery websites and other information that have helped us in our recovery.

Group Agreements

Click Here for a copy of the Sober She-Devils group agreements and rules of engagement.


There are four women who act as hosts for our group. The hosts are responsible for the administration of the Zoom meetings, screening and admitting women to the meetings, curating and maintaining resources, and communicating one-on-one with anyone with questions and comments about the group.

The names of the four hosts, in alphabetical order, are:
● Bethany D.
● Gail L.
● Kimberley S.
● Maria T.

We also have co-hosts who assist with the Zoom meetings screening and admitting women to the meetings, communicating one-on-one with anyone with questions and comments about the group.


In 2017, John S. of Beyond Belief Recovery (then known as “AA Beyond Belief”) hosted a secular Zoom meeting at 1 PM Eastern on Sunday afternoon (AABeyondBelief.org). A group of women attending those meetings started having informal chats following the meetings. During one of the post-meeting chats, one of them exclaimed, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a secular women’s meeting?” Shortly thereafter, it happened! The first online secular women’s AA meeting was hosted on August 26, 2017. Then, on January 29, 2018 the Sober She-Devils name was adopted.

Click Here to listen to an interview by John S. at Beyond Belief Recovery with four of the original members of the Sober She-Devils (Carol, Maria, Kimberley, Gail) on podcast #116.

Secular Recovery Group

The Sober-She Devils are grateful for the support of the administrators of The Secular Recovery Group. In addition to providing links to secular meetings for people in recovery, the Secular Recovery Group site was “created to allow authors and persons seeking recovery from substance abuse, a place to share experiences outside the constraints of religiosity.” It contains helpful information about recovery from a secular lens, including thoughtful blog posts. We encourage you to check it out!

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